Posted by Janice Grice on 23rd Dec 2020

2020 Reflection

Despite the Covid19 pandemic Southern Stitching experienced a growth this year. I feel so grateful, but with growth came learning out how manage it. Many lessons were learned the hard way but with each obstacle I faced I really tried to evaluate the situation and look for ways to improve and embrace the growth.

I no longer manage orders on a white board but now use a software that keeps them in one place.  All orders that come in via text, email or web are placed there and allows me to assign a due date, which keeps me on track.  It has more features than I am currently using but it has been a huge order management tool for me.  

I have also implemented a new proofing system that allows me to send the job details to the customer that includes pricing, photos, etc and will help aid in reducing spelling or layout errors.  The customer is now my second set of eyes for proofing the order before final processing.  This does add an extra step for the customer as this is sent to them even if we have passed several emails or text messages working out design details.   Being a smaller company I did not see the need in this added step but with more orders and customers to manage this has proven to be a very important step.

Local customers and customer provided items to decorate have also increased. I really enjoy meeting the customers and providing the special touch that personalization gives. So new pricing and procedures have also been implemented to improve the customer experience.

I am so very thankful for each and every customer and I want to thank you for your support and I look forward to 2021 and what it has to offer.

If interested in the new programs we implanted this year, here are the links. 


2.Orders and Task Organization

3.Invoicing and Estimate Approval