Posted by Janice Grice on 9th Jan 2018

Why We Print Shirts with Vinyl

Vinyl printing is an economical way to print low quantity shirt orders.Vinyl printing is so popular because it is cost effective without having to purchase large shirt volume.With screen print minimums are required and the more you order the cheaper it is.Vinyl is a quick and easy way to provide on-demand apparel.Both professionals and hobbyist enjoy designing and making shirts especially with the variety in vinyl such as glitter, patterns and foils.You will find many boutiques offer vinyl designed shirts verses screen printed designs because they can rotate new designs often, since they are not having to order in the larger quantities, and because they can stay up with the current trends by printing their shirts in popular patterns.

Vinyl shirt printing is a considerable asset to my small business.I print a lot of one-off designs for individuals and vinyl allows me to do that.However, for larger quantities of any design screen print will always be cheaper.I use screen printed transfers for schools, reunions or companies looking for 30 or more shirts.For multi-color designs we can also provide sublimation print to help keep costs down.Though we are a small shop we pride ourselves in being able to provide a printing solution for every need and every budget.